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  • Sabah Kadir

Business Casual, But Make It Fashion

Summer internship season is upon us.

Students putting on their grown-up pants, flexing knowledge from courses past in pursuit of ever-elusive "resume building experience" and pretending they weren't just sitting on their dorm floor eating Ramen.

For many of us, this means trading in athleisure/"going out" clothes for an assortment of what we hope qualifies as business casual. Especially for those of us just delving into professional life, it can be difficult to understand that business casual does not have to be boring! Plain does not equal "business." In fact, I've found that putting a little pop in my looks only makes me more memorable/recognizable and serves as a conversation starter. In professional life (at least in my line of work), it's all about starting those authentic conversations. Give your looks some personality and don't be afraid to express yourself!

Below are a few of my first looks in a series to follow for showing up to the office in style.

Top: Pop-up boutique - similar here

Pants: Banana Republic

Shoes: Bandolino - similar here

Top: Forever 21 - ethical alternative here

Skirt: LOFT

Shoes: Bandolino - similar here

Top: Dynamite - similar here

Pants: Banana Republic - similar here

Top: BP by Nordstrom - similar here

Pants: Express

Shoes: Le Chateau - similar here

Shoutout to my summer internship at Cisco for encouraging everyone to always be themselves!

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