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"So, who is this spectacled gal with a powder pink site?", you may be asking. Well, here's the lo down:

Sabah is a alumna of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill who studied Public Policy and Business Administration. She currently works at Cisco as a digital marketing specialist with a special passion for the circular economy. Much of her time is spent seeking out environmentally-friendly solutions to everyday problems. 

She believes in preserving micromoments of connection with the click of a camera. She practices photography in a way such that the personality of her subjects shines through in both portrait and fashion shots. 

Her personal interests lie in style-- its ability to non-verbally communicate one's persona, and how those around her choose to implement it. In particular, she hopes to explore how to optimize efficiency and access to sustainability in style. Sabah lives by the simple phrase:

"You can never be over-dressed or over-educated"

- Oscar Wilde

Instagram @sabahkadir

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