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  • Sabah Kadir

Going For It

To be honest, this first post has taken me a long time to get out. I've always wanted to start writing somewhere public, sharing photography, style, travel, and general ramblings about my passions, but it felt almost too cliche to begin.

However, if there is anything I have learned in college, it is that nothing happens unless you just go for it. It's the most terrifying thing - going for it - but once you do, whether the results are good or "bad," there will be personal growth as a result. Watching my parents and the rest of our family and friends as I grew up, I know that there is little to compare to the perseverance of the first-generation immigrant. I have been fortunate to grow up around people who have made it work, even when the odds were certainly not in their favor. Surrounded by that kind of drive, how can I help but be inspired?

Over the past year and a half, garnering this inspiration, saying "screw it," and chasing what draws me has led to more things than I could have ever imagined: getting into academic programs that actually interest me and dropping those that don't feel right, becoming an incoming photography director for a beautiful magazine, moving to New York City for the summer, countless new friendships, launching my photography business, acceptance into programs to help me chase my dreams, traveling, getting the opportunity to work with companies I never could have foreseen, and so, so much more. I have no doubt: When something is supposed to work for you (and you are fortunate enough to have circumstances align), it sure as hell will.

So here I am, a wide-eyed 20-year-old, making my first post (AKA having my Carrie Bradshaw debut) and going for it. Looking forward to sharing my experiences-- even if it is cliche.

(What kind of intro would this be without some fun facts? I sing a cappella, I love mac & cheese and chicken biriyani, my favorite brand is Ted Baker, & I have pet birds)

Living life in the Czech Republic

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